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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Are American activists manipulated by Russian Trolls?
in Politics

By agsragsr 850 Pts
Guardian published a rather disturbing article how Russia manipulated many popular social accounts and promoted various activist movements in the US. It is embarrassing for those who now found out that the protests they attended were actually Russian sponsored trolls.

How deep is Russia involved in such activities? 

While it’s disturbing for sure, I don’t think that we have enough evidence that Russia has gone as far as to manipulate in a meaningful way American opinion of politics and certainly not enough to change election results.
  1. How deep is Russian Trolls issue?

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  • That is a perfect example of how they can manipulate public opinion 
  • Russian is possibly manipulating America and its government through social media and the internet.
  • The US has always been the primary target for the Russian information offensive: as the main geopolitical opponent, Russia is interested in the demise of the US far more than in the demise of all of its other rivals put together. It only makes sense that it employs extraordinary measures in order to destabilize the political landscape in the US through misinformation and propaganda. China does the same, although rather than going in an all-in offensive, it tries to sway the public opinion towards it slowly and steadily through stories about Chinese successes.

    That said, Russian information warriors have a limited reach due to the state Russia is in currently. Most of them have a very limited English ability, so they hardly can succeed in persuading anyone outside the Russian-speaking Internet space. Then, modern Russia is simply a very corrupt country, and it cannot afford to spend as much on hiring propaganda agents overseas as USSR could. Finally, Americans in general have a pretty negative opinion of Russia, so any argument coming from there when recognized as such will be received with a high degree of skepticism, at best.

    So I would say that the issue is Moderate, despite the Russian government trying hard to make it Deep.
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