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The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel
in Religion

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  • Hello @YeshuaBought ;
    Regarding the movie-
    Do you believe the Apostles were Christian? (time 55:18) can you show where Paul was a "first generation Christian"? When the mock word Christian was adapted by Constantine and the RCC in about 320AD, so how could of Paul been a Christian? 
    Or that God could be killed, that He died, and was resurrected from the dead, .. referring to "Gods not dead", .. but according to Mr. Strobel, from what info he got from different Religious denominations is that God was dead for three days.
    That "if you seen Christ, you see God", then I guess the Fiery Angel that appeared to Moses was God too! If you seen that Angel in Heaven, would you bow before him as if he was God?
    Do you also believe that the shroud of Turin has the blood stains from Jesus Christ? Which would mean God is flesh and blood, like Joseph Smith!?
    If Jesus is also the Father "I Am" as the movie claims, then who is sitting on Jesus left up there in Heaven? Who, would that be Father #2 ?
    Can you show from Scripture where the Holy Spirit is claimed to be God?

    Don't you see that this movie is no different than the Catholic Jesuits, 500 years ago putting Globes in all the schools to burn the idea into children's heads that we live on a globe, which makes Gods creation the earth just an insignificant speck in NASATAN's creation, where he supposedly has billions and trillions more like it, ..  as is the Trinity Doctrine created by the same Organized Religion that created the Big-Bang story!?

    No One should go to different Religions and ask them questions to build a case for Christ. Jesus words, which as he said is what God himself taught him to say, .. as witnessed by his Apostles is enough, and has been enough to build a case for Christ for millions of people, for over 2,000 years. We don't need another "Religious perspective" on who Jesus was, or if he ever existed.

    What Christians need, all 2.5 billion of them is to read the Bible as if for the first time, outside of the influence of Religion and their doctrines, and NOT a Religious perspective on Christ!

    God bless you.
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