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President Trump says nations not to do business with Iran. Are we headed for war?
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    Are we headed for war.?

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  • @YeshuaBought:

    Do you know anyone who might be ex military? 

    If you maybe do, you could ask them your question in regards to war?

    I would imagine that the current POTUS has various individuals that he could confer with, to gain various points of view with, in regards to hypothetical engagements within the narratives of a hypothetical conflict. 

  • @TTKDB I don't have to, I have the right to think for myself.
  • @YeshuaBought

    Do you, yourself believe that the current POTUS is trying to take the United States of America to war? 

    Some reference material from Wikipedia; 

    "United States

    On 30 June 1775, the Second Continental Congress established 69 Articles of War to govern the conduct of the Continental Army[9].

    Effective upon its ratification in 1789, Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitutionprovided that Congress has the power to regulate the land and naval forces.[10] On 10 April 1806, the United States Congress enacted 101 Articles of War (which applied to both the Army and the Navy), which were not significantly revised until over a century later[11]. Another code of conduct, the 1863 Lieber Code, operated during the American Civil War. On 4 June 1920, Congress enacted 121 Articles of War that went into effect on 4 February 1921 with the exception of Articles 2, 23, and 45, which became effective immediately.[12] The military justice system then continued to operate under the Articles of War until 31 May 1951, when the Uniform Code of Military Justice came into effect."

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