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What is the worst sport?

Debate Information

What is the worst sport?
  1. Live Poll

    What is the worst sport?

    13 votes
    1. American football
    2. Basketball
    3. Baseball
    4. Soccer
    5. Golf
    6. Curling
    7. Figure skating
    8. Ice hockey
    9. Cricket
    10. Other
I am no longer active on DebateIsland or any debate website. Many things I have posted here and on other sites (Such as believing in the flat Earth theory or other conspiracy theories such as those that are about the Las Vegas Shooting or 9/11) do not reflect on my current views. 


https://debateisland.com/discussion/comment/18248/#Comment_18248 (Me officially stating that I am no longer a flat-Earther)

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  • Calvinball <span>:wink:</span>
  • RS_masterRS_master 384 Pts   -  
    I do not believe any sport is bad as you need an opinion. Everyone has different opinions and beliefs and I respect that
  • RS_masterRS_master 384 Pts   -  
    I still agree with my last post but I do admit that you can say the most boring sport. It is golf or sprinting because in 2018 a survey was taken and most people said it is golf. In football you sprint, you use stamina, you need accuracy, you need strength and you need to block. That is about 5 elements. Cricket: You sprint, you need power, you need accuracy and you need to block. That is 4 elements. Sprinting: sprinting, this is half an element because you do not need too much stamina. 1.5 elements, 4 or 5 is significantly more than 1.5. That reason is granted but that reason would not fit with title as the title is asking for worst sport and not the most boring one.
  • Most definitely chess or golf. I play golf, but it can get super boring, especially if you’re playing with a lot of people
    Not every quote you read on the internet is true- Abraham Lincoln
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3435 Pts   -  
    I have never understood baseball. But I would not call it the worst sport, since, again, I do not understand it and might be missing something crucial.

    The worst sport I have ever seen has to be hunting. I understand the thrill of stalking wild animals and overcoming natural challenges, but in the end what those people are doing is killing animals for fun, which I find sickening. I can understand killing animals for survival (meat/fur/etc.), but killing animals for fun, however much fun it is, is just abhorrent.

    When I was in my early teens, I loved taking a harpoon and dive-hunting fish. Almost never managed to catch anything, but it was still a lot of fun. Nowadays, I do not see myself doing it for any amount of money. I am not a frenzied environmentalist, but subjecting animals to needless suffering/death is where I draw a very hard line which is to never be crossed.
  • smoothiesmoothie 380 Pts   -  

    This sport is just a foot fetish gone wrong. I would say it is near the worst
    why so serious?
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