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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

In a Corporate environment is public recognition better for employee morale than a pay raise?
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By agsragsr 859 Pts
When you work for a large corporation, there are always ups and downs throughout your career. In a positive side, there is financial recognition, recognition from your management, and occasional visible internal awards for doing a great job. All are important for ensuring great employee morale. But as an employee, what would you appreciate more a nice pay raise, or a very visible broad formal internal recognition award?
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    What will employee appreciate more?

    15 votes
    1. A nice pay raise
    2. Formal visible recognition award from top level management
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  • I would want money more.
  • Well, I would appreciate the recognition more than the pay. If I would have an option I would take both.
  • I think the answer depends on the seniority level of employee and if employee is struggling financially. Assuming that it is a mid-level+ employee, there are no financial struggles, and person is looking for a longer term career then I believe the recognition is the way to go. Recognition has to be meaningful and formally celebrated. Referring to the Maslow hierarchy of needs we know that the ultimate goal is self-actualization. Recognition will be part of that goal fulfillment.
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  • That is an amazing point agsr, also I like your other poll. I also love this website! I may tell people about this and recommend this. I followed the social media accounts for it as well. I shared it on my profile as well as some debates that are yours agsr and others. This website is amazing, much better than the others. It is much more simple. I don't have time to debate for a week on and write college essays. I just want a place for casual Debating and this is perfect. The team that made the website is amazing.
  • Alookatjobs_19, thanks for your point. I also agree that this website is great and much better than the complicated traditional debate sites. In the age of twitter, not sure who wants to spend weeks getting formal responses to long essays. has the right recipe.
    As far as specific debate, I don't remember all the times I got a nice raise and a nice bonus in my career, but I do remember how great I felt every time I was publically formally recognized in front of my peers...that is a humbling experience that makes you feel great about yourself and the Company you work for.
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  • That's a great point agsr, i agree with you.
  • Good point agsr, I agree with you as well.
  • Money will be spent and forgotten. The award will live forever, even if it is only in the mind of the recepient.
  • And love this site!
  • I also love this website, it's amazing! I would take the recognition as well. bnyjstock1 and agsr made great points.
  • Agreed with recognition as preferred choice. Bnyjstock1 said it simply and best.
  • I would want the recognition. Money will be spent, the recognition may last longer.
  • Excellent turnout for this debate. 75% of debateIslanders agree that employee recognition is better than comp. I hope corporate HR executives are listening to this debate and taking notes.
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  • I would prefer a raise when compared to simple recognition.
  • I think raise is always good, but a formal recognition is much better for employee morale and that's what I prefer.
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