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Do Christians and Muslims worship th same God?
in Religion

I say no, because Christians believe Jesus is God, and Muslims do not.

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  • JawadiahmadJawadiahmad 25 Pts
    edited January 2019
    For the fact, no. We are worshiping the same God as Jesus worship and yes, Jesus has a God according to Matthew 27:46.
  • These religions have very different origins.

    Christianity was founded by a decentralised sect of people who took the Israeli religions, compiled them and made them more affordable and relatable by Romans.

    Islam was created as a unifying militaristic ideology; it was somewhat artificially crafted by Mohammad and his followers to facilitate the conquest. Mohammad drew heavily from Christianity and multiple other religions, at the same time effectively weaponizing them.

    It is pretty clear that Allah and the Christian god are very different beings, promoting very different ideologies and moral rule sets. The Christian god expects his followers to be focused heavily on their inner world, while Allah favors a more external reach.
    Christianity is more about what to do to yourself; Islam is about what to do to others.

    That is not to say that Christianity is any less suitable for weaponization and oppression. But the method is different: where Islam prescribes forced physical submission of others, Christianity instead demands that you yourself submit voluntarily to others. Islam is more about "come there and make them your slaves", and Christianity is more about "enlist as my slave and let me use you". Islam is more like fascism, and Christianity is more like communism.
  • I was taught that Mohammed claimed to be a decendent of Abraham's son Ishmael and, do not acknowledge Jesus, and that is why Islam and Christianity see God as very different beings.  Christians se God as their Father, Islam sees God as their Master.
  • @GwynneMazour I agree. While I bear no ill will towards Muslims, I do disagree with their brand of religion. I want to worship Jesus, for He is the only Way to be saved. John 14:6. :) <3
  • Jesus plays a part in BOTH religions, very different, but, He is still there. Did we have TWO different "gods" in the same small area of humanity around Jesus' time??
    I think the myths just got written different by two different groups. Never could figure either one out. A shame that the author won't show up and tell just WHICH, if either, line of thought is true. 
    I can't believe either without a book signing by the author.
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