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Time is the mathematic principle of ratio (00:00:00:00) which can be used to hold the three directions of space ( X = ? 0.00 ?, Y = ? 0.00 ?, and Z = ? 0.00? ) equal. 

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  • I'm not yelling I am writing for the handicapped who need reading glasses. Time is calibrated by direction of motion with angle so it can measure velocity. 
  • A black Hole cannot do the math calculation needed to set an ability to travel in time in relationship to its motion in mathematic space. The black whole however can moves in time like everything else in motion.

  • A black Hole cannot bend Time by use of gravity. Gravity is a created motion which can move a black Hole in time forward or backward when a calibration of the mathematic principle is translated to the universe.

  • midoprealmidopreal 21 Pts   -  
    Time and space is relative to who and in relation to what. It is slightly or majorly different from everyone and everything depending on speed and gravity.
  • @midopreal ;

    In mathematics two variables are proportional if a change in one is always accompanied by a change in the other, and if the changes are always related by a use of constant multiplier. (Wikipedia)

    Proportional - Adjective. Corresponding in size or amount to something else.

    (Of variable quantity) having a constant ratio to another quantity. (Oxford dictionary)

    Relative - Adjective. Considered in relation or in proportion to something else.

    Time and Space are not relative. The math principle of Time must be calibrated to the area of space, or it is made/forced relative by disproportion. Time is untouched and unaffected by gravity it is effected by disproportion in calibration used for its calculation.

    A Black Hole has Times Zones the collapsed star is not breaking through Time, distorting time, effecting time in any way, a calibration has not been made in the area where a black Hole moves. Time is not relative.

  • What is being said is neither the black whole, or human being is creating time in that circumstance. The black hole has not been scientifically proven by mathematic principle to be unrelated to the method. Mankind simple may not hold all the needed information to calculate the method.
  • The mathematical proof of relativity of time and space is that space must be prove to be a perpetually proportional state of ratio. It cannot mathematically be done. Motion on the other hand can be mathematically proven as a perpetual proportional state by ratio. Time measures the difference in motion between object not the distance between objects. This measurement is then translated by scale to a distance.

    (Rights Reserved.)

  • In order for the speed of light to be rated by second of time accurately the ratio of mathematic time must be scaled to the source of energy used to produce the light observed. Otherwise the light remains relative to general observation. (Rights Reserved.)

  • Light year is a poor attempt by science to make a mathematical translation without actually doing the math needed in formulation of the principle set to do form a solution.

    1.       The sun is equated by year, month, week, and day. The earth is on the outside rim of a circle moving around and object. The direction of motion is equating a 90 degree angle that is rotated 180 degree toward the center of the circle. The sun.

    2.       The clock is formulated from the outer edge of a circle to the center of a second circle to create a 90 degree straight line as a starting point, or contention between 0-360 degrees in a third circle. All circles have a different size but are set in scale.


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  • The people may not notice but the earth is not round, it is oval, though even if it is flat this does not mean when an object spins 360 degrees it does not make a perfect circle. It spun 360 degree. A line crosses the same 90 degree position twice. The motion simple changes the nature of mathematical science needed to see the circle and motion clearly.

    A clock………………


    All Rights Reserved.

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