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4th Law of Motion.

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Gravity is elasticity, modulation, and reverberation.

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  • K_MichaelK_Michael 113 Pts   -  
    Can you elaborate?
    "We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." 
  • Gravity is a motion, The energy of the motion is translated form elasticity, modulation, and reverberation. The ;law of mathematics describes the direction of movement as it is demonstrated, limited by human observation to one direction. This is the foundation for a more accurate and precise calculation which can be used to evaluate the four major states represented as they relate to inertia force, and centrifugal force . These forces can be linear among motion, or inside gravitational motion as a force of energy.

    The expansion is made on the current mathematic laws of motion. As the formulations created by the existing three laws are not yet complete in detail. 
  • @K_Michael ;

    First law Inertia. Rest, motion, and lineation.

    Second law force, mass, and acceleration in time.

    Third law action, reaction.

    Forth law gravity elasticity, modulation, and reverberation.


    Force for the erratic irrational mass, object, gravity resistance equals the force of momentum (mV) placed by motion in scale to equal proportion as unit weight and unit therm.

  • @K_Michael ;

    What is being started is the mathematic explanation as to why energy of the sun is translated as resisted motion and heat towards the center of the Earth

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