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Is access to the Bible a basic right for consenting peop;e?
in Religion

I say yes, because it's a religious liberty issue.

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  • If by "access to the Bible" you mean the ability to own a Bible and carry it with you wherever you go, then it is obviously a basic right.

    If, on the other hand, you mean the ability at any point to demand a free copy of the Bible from anyone, then this cannot be a basic right.
    If it were, then the economy would instantly collapse, since a religion can be literally anything, and by the same logic as with the Bible, you could demand literally any possible (or impossible) entity for free, which nobody would be able to provide you with. And merely one such demand would immediately bankrupt the Universe.
  • DeeDee 2334 Pts
    Access seems to imply that you can have such anytime or place for free if that’s the case it’s not a basic right and should not be deemed one , if on the other hand you wish to purchase and carry your own Bible fine just don’t expect others to supply or give you access to such as that’s not a right but merely bullying 
  • I also say yes. It's a CHOICE, choices are important.
    When it's a requirement, in a church, school, family, it becomes indoctrination.
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