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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Thoughts about modern education?
in Politics

By Zxc21Zxc21 2 Pts
What are your thoughts on modernized education?

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  • AlofRIAlofRI 382 Pts
    It has come a long way over the past 30 years. Technology makes it SOO much easier, so much more complete.

    Still, in my day, if we wanted to find info, we went to school, was told what we were to learn about, what questions to find the answer to. Then, we left school, went to the library, picked out several books and either sat down and read them or took them home to read. We sometimes spent hours finding what we needed, took pen and paper and spent more hours writing, checking our spelling and, if necessary, re writing the whole page (penmanship was important). Oh, and we weren't allowed to use a calculator in school and some wouldn't allow a typewriter at home.

    Today, a few clicks on your phone or pad and the exact information pops up, couple more clicks, it's headed for the printer (after it is spellchecked). Done! Off to the video games or texting.

    We couldn't learn so much, so fast, pass in perfectly printed, extremely neat sheets where there were no points to deduct for neatness or penmanship or spelling. But, then, we did learn how to work, how the harder you worked, the better you came out. I think when you dug for information and actually had to read it, then analyze it, then write it out, you remembered more. Find it, click it, print it, turn it in …. unless you're really interested in the information and not just the degree, you get little out of it. I seem to get that feeling when I talk to some of those with degrees today, (SOME of them … to many), that they wouldn't really know so much if you took their phone away. And WORK? If you can't make big bucks with your fingers … they look for another job. There are few "hand skills" any more that are not related to keys. The good, and the bad. Actual "work" is no longer a required subject, it seems.

  • TKDBTKDB 391 Pts
    edited April 2019
    Some of the internet, is an educational quagmire, you have some teachers in colleges who are using their educational platforms to indoctrinate some of the kids in their classes with, making those individual classrooms, individual quagmires of their own creation?

    The illegal aliens, or immigrants have turned the Southern border, into an illegal entry quagmire, educating the overall public, on how some of those 11-22 million plus illegal immigrants, or aliens, respect the immigration laws of the United States?

    The Sanctuary City ideology, is an educational quagmire, educating the overall law abiding public, through their liberal ideologies?

    Some of the news media outlets, along with their individually based opinion journalism news coverages, are another example, of an educational quagmire?

    When the next Election cycle, begins to really get going, watch how some of those, opinion oriented journalism tools get utilized, right before the viewers eyes, and you'll get to be educated on how some, will pander to, to educate, who they can, by who they choose to promote, verses villianize, by how they arrange their educational approach, to educate you, through their uses of opinion based, and rhetoric based education tools, for the 2020 election cycle? 
  • It seems to me that the goals of the education system changed a few decades ago. Where in the past education on the West aimed at growing a generation of thinkers who are able to learn any craft on their own and contribute to the society with original ideas, now it aims solely at teaching students certain crafts, forgoing the general intellectual development - as has been the case in the Eastern educational tradition.

    It could not be any other way around: the world is getting very complex, and the pace of life becomes faster and faster, hence it is inevitable that broad thinkers would be replaced by narrow specialists. 

    Nonetheless, it may have profound negative consequences. As people spend little time thinking about things and a lot of time learning about things, their learning ends up very superficial. They know things, but they do not understand things. They know how to memorise, but they do not know how to think.

    I recently took the GRE General test. I ended up within the best 2% takers in analytical writing, and within the best 8% takers in verbal reasoning - and that is given that English is not my native language. Yet I am not even that good; 50 years ago my ability to reason and to understand would be considered pretty mediocre in the Western academia. This worries me some.

    Recently I have listened to a lot of economical debates at universities from 60-s and 70-s. How sophisticated the students' arguments were, how well outspoken they were, how they addressed each other's points instead of strawmanning them, how they never yelled at each other over disagreements - that contrasts immensely with the modern university debates, with one-liner arguments, with parasite words inserted in between sentences, with inability to deal with one's emotional response to a controversial argument.
    I will try my best to change the approach to education modern universities take, but one individual in the academia can only do so much realistically.
  • I personally don’t appreciate some of these new classes. Escpecially if all of the student loan debt is forgiven. 
    For example, there is a surge in people getting degrees in “Gender Studies.” Possibly the most useless class. Instead of taking a class and getting a degree that you can’t even used, why don’t you go to trade school? We need a lot more skilled labor
    Not every quote you read on the internet is true- Abraham Lincoln
  • @AmericanFurryBoy

    You have to realise that most people at that age (~18 y/o) do not really think about the future. "Gender Studies" and similar pseudo-scientific disciplines provide an opportunity for a teenager who just finished high school and wants to rest from all the homeworks and classes to effectively take 4 years off, formally pursuing a useless degree, and in practice partying all the time.

    I know what I was like at that age. I was probably much more informed than most of my peers, because my parents instilled in me the long-term thinking from a very young age - but even so I definitely would consider an easy way out. I ended up pursuing a very difficult discipline of physics, but that was more my parents' influence, than my genuine desire to obtain useful skills that would make me employable.

    I am obviously wiser now, but at the teenage years most of us are extremely naive and disorganised, and our choices by large are influenced by immediate considerations, rather than the long-term ones.
  • @Zxc21 and free icecream
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