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What do you think this world would be like if there were no Hypothetical questions?

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  • 대왕광개토대왕광개토 231 Pts   -  
    I can't make a clear image of the world you are talking about.
  • OppolzerOppolzer 175 Pts   -  
    Well, to answer your hypothetical question, I would say the world would be profoundly uninteresting. Hypothetical questions have led to a myriad of great things, and without them, we wouldn't have figured out a ton about the universe. We would lose abstract thought and the ability to hypothesize more than one conclusion. Regardless of the nature of the hypothetical question, I believe we can learn more about a person concerning their personalities, opinions, beliefs, etc. Without this type of thinking, we would inevitably slow down regarding development.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3475 Pts   -  
    Hypothetical questions are strongly connected to our ability to think. Without questions such as "If I did X, what would happen?" we really are left to operate purely on instincts, which would put us in line with the rest of the animal kingdom. We would not have created civilisations, we would not have developed technology, we would not have learned to communicate with each other in a complex way; we would just be wandering around and operate on our immediate feelings.
  • jesusisGod777jesusisGod777 114 Pts   -  

    Reality is defined as all of what is real or exists.

    Therefore , everyone expieriences the exact same things. No one's understanding deviates.

    Jesus is Lord.

    As a matter or fact the reason Jesus was a person and did what he did is because of what is true concerning reality as it relates to Jesus who is God.
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