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What is the worst human experimentation in history?
in History

A lot of atrocious human experimentations had been carried out throughout human history. Most of the victims were taken to research center either without any prior knowledge or consent and met a horribe end. What do you think is the worst human experimentation? For me, Unit 731 is the worst one. 

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  • Yes, the military regime in Japan in 20-s-to-40-s has arguably the worst record in human history with regards to experimentation on humans. Nazi and Soviet death camps also featuring experimentation are more widely known, while the Japanese ones were mostly swept under the rug in the post-war restoration period - but things they did to people do not compare to anything else I have ever learned about.

    There was also one Chinese lady, I believe in around 200 BC, Empress Lu, who was widely known for things she did to those who displeased her in some way. It was not strictly a human experimentation, but she certainly liked experimenting around to see just how much she could damage a human being before it dies. The most infamous example is her "swine" torture, but there is plenty of other examples as well.
  • @MayCaesar The thing I especially hate about Unit 731 is that many of those who carried out atrocious human experimentations got away with it and gained high social status. There is also a controversial claim that Unit 731 led to development in medical field. 
  • I would argue, either the experiments that took place under the Nazi regime in Germany or the experiments that took place in WWII era Japan. Both those instances are in my opinion prime examples that even if we can do something for the possible of scientific advancement, that doesn’t mean we should do it due to mora reasons.
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  • There have been so many things done in so many countries that have been atrocious claiming to be in the furtherance of science it is hard to pick one.  

    One that hasn't been mentioned is the US testing of the Hydrogen Bomb off the Bikini Islands.
  • why so serious?
  • So the question is as such:
    What is the worst human experimentation in history?

    Well the answer may reside within the question itself.

    Since it is only humans that could perpetrate such a hideous, and foul form of experimentation of any kind.
    The worst comes in the form of humanity itself.

    We are the creators of such wicked experiments to ever have been used on the face of this planet, and throughout our long historic evolution we still keep making the same cold, but calculated deeds.

    We choose to do evil and even defend the reasons why, and even when we know what we are about to do, we still continue to do it.

    We are the very experimentation that prevails such evil to exist in the first place, and still we continue to spread like a killer virus but with full intent to cause a deadly outcome no matter the costs..


    From Haydn.E.Sheldon

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