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Are you part of the majority?

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  • I would rather be a part of nothing then become involved by a majority, or minority that was based on no more then a lie.

    Cheers from
  • It depends upon what type of Medicare for all plan we’re talking about. If its forced Medicare for all, then no, no I’m not apart of the Majority. If, however, we made a plan that applied to low income families only, then I would be apart of the majority
    Not every quote you read on the internet is true- Abraham Lincoln
  • A careful observation shows that the majority of people are almost always wrong on everything regarding large-scale system management. There is a reason the Founding Fathers made this country into a Republic, as opposed to "naked democracy": they knew that unrestricted rule of the majority would eventually necessarily result in uncontrolled tyranny, just as the French Revolution proved merely a bit over a decade after the American Revolution.

    When the vast majority of people support a given policy, a red flag is set off: "Watch out!". It almost always means that the government is about to become more autocratic, unless strong checks and balances are in place, prohibiting the government from acting on the will of the majority. Unfortunately, most of those checks and balances have long been erased from the American system, but I still do not believe that we have fallen so far that nationalised healthcare has become a possibility here.

    Things may change if Sanders is elected, but I seriously doubt he will be. However popular he may be among the college students, this country still has a strong anti-socialist culture, and when it comes to casting their final votes, I think people will be wary of supporting the American Hugo Chavez.
    And EVEN if he somehow gets elected, he still has the Congress and the Supreme Court to tame, which will be much harder than taming the average voter. So, all-in-all, I believe that, whatever happens, proposals such as this will not be implemented in the nearest couple of decades - and after those, they will become irrelevant anyway, as the decentralised digital currencies will rule the world by then, and governments will become secondary.
  • DeeDee 2653 Pts
    Health care should be a human right. It’s  astonishing how well heeled Americans will talk  constantly about their military with pride and the way all military personnel look after their fellow comrades as in “no man left behind “ yet get back to civvy street though and they would deny these self same individuals access to affordable medical care and will callously say “ not on my dime buddy” , a nation of B shi..ers ......There are of course a sizable amount of decent fair minded Americans who acknowledge such. 

    Americans talk the talk buts its all BS , any scheme or system put in place by government to aid the poor is mocked and deemed “socialism” , Americans believe there should be no minimum wage rates , believe their health system is affordable and education fees are reasonable a fair example of a society collectively brainwashed 
  • DeeDee 2653 Pts

    I would rather be a part of nothing then become involved by a majority, or minority that was based on no more then a lie.

    So who in your opinion is telling the truth and how do you know?

  • @MayCaesar Healthcare is a right, and in a democracy, elections are decided by majority vote. 
  • MichaelElpersMichaelElpers 479 Pts
    edited November 2019
    I would just like to ask these people then what they are doing in order to provide this healthcare that is a so called human right.  It is your right to try and live healthily but it is not your right to force others to take care of you. 

    What youre saying is that the government should be allowed to force people to become healthcare providers and choose the form of payment you have to accept to provide someone else healthcare.
  • @YeshuaRedeemed

    Well, luckily for us, the US is not a Democracy, but instead is a Federal Republic, limiting the tyranny of the majority to electing representatives. I would not want to be ruled by a mob, and I can think of few systems worse than that.

    Healthcare is a right indeed. You can go to any hospital of your choosing and purchase any service you want, and nobody can tell you, "No, you are not a valid healthcare recipient". Pretty nice, is it not?
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