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I'm pro Adoption, pro Family, pro Community, pro Religious Freedom, pro peaceful Atheist, pro Pure Science, pro Law Abiding, pro Humanity, and pro Fetus Rights.


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  • Did Donald Trump ever graduate from school/ college?


    I Googled your questions:

    "Did Donald Trump ever graduate from school/ college?"

    The below is your response:


    "Where did Trump go to college and grad school?
    In 1964, Trump enrolled at Fordham University. Two years later he transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. While at Wharton, he worked at the family business, Elizabeth Trump & Son, graduating in May 1968 with a B.S. in economics."


    "I just heard the state in front of the worlds media that the population of Seoul in South Korea is 38 million ( its 10) he followed this statement up by saying South Korea is a “ country I know very well “ .........I seriously question how Americans voted an ill educated buffoon like this into power."

    And I question how millions of U.S. voters, voted for President Obama twice?

    I guess they enjoyed those Liberal handouts, that were payed for by the rest of the U.S. voters, who didn't lower themselves, down to those individual Liberal Voter standards, that saturated the United States for 8 years, via how those individual Liberal voters, who voted for Obama? 

    (Free cellphones, Student forgiveness, when it came to some of those student's, who placed themselves into debt, because they went to a college, that maybe they couldn't really afford, in the first place?)

    (YouTube has videos, of Liberal voters, who were so jovial over Obama's campaign promises, over this and that talking point being free, because of how Obama's campaign strategies, were being expressed to the Public, while he campaigned to become the President?)

    Because Obama didn't do much except for cater, pander, and coddle, to his own Liberal party, and to his Liberal constituents, or fan base followers?

    And while President Bush was in the White House, he got ridiculed, and harassed by some of the Liberal media, an by those individual Liberal voters, who apparently like being spoiled by any Liberal Presidents, Liberal handouts, again payed for by those U.S. who aren't the Liberal voters?

    It's amazing how some of the Liberal Presidents, created a Legacy fueled by Liberal handouts, each time some of them were in the White House?

    Clinton's Presidential history speaks for itself, and Obama's Presidential history speaks for itself as well, don't they? 

    Are you going to be fair and equal, in how you paint any U.S. President, via your individual word choices? 

  • Climate change is real and it’s important. Prove me wrong.


    This very planet is said to be 4.5 billion years old.

    Can you deny that fact?

    Can you deny that this planets weather cycles, have put the very surface of this planet, through millions of different weather created situations?

    The Freezing that this planet has gone through?

    The droughts that this planet has gone through?

    Throw in some meteor strikes, to add some Freezing, or Scorched earth moments, and some of man can gleam but how much Scientifically created to support the COMPUTER created made up science called climate change?

    Man today, basically understands, the equivalent of a handful of needles,(because of the man made toy called "climate change,") when it comes to the global Haystacks of weathered history that the Earth has experienced.

    That some of "climate change crowd," thinks they know, what they're talking about?

    When some of the humanity on this planet can be decimated by the random acts of a Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami, Earthquake, or what have you, and man can't do anything about those weather situations, but try to use Computer models in a computer, to help him play catch up, with this planets weathered history?

    Man in reality, has a better understanding about money, illegal drugs, sexual assault, gun violence, and human trafficking, then Humanity as a whole, will ever evolve as a species to develop understanding, about this planets Weather History?

    Unless the science fiction, over a Real Life time machine, becomes a reality, down the road?

    And then Man, can take a ride, and see this planets weathered history, via that time machine? 

    Otherwise, man is but playing a game of slow motion catch up, with a History of Weather, than he can only speculate about up to this point via the current version of Science, that humanity has at its current disposal, right?

    I'm guessing that you're a climate change supporter?


    "Climate change deniers disturb me...

    They want to pretend like nothing is wrong, but how will they react when reality catches up with them?"


    Are Tsunamis not real?

    Or Earthquakes, or Hurricanes, or Tornadoes not real? 

    The Earth has gone through how many Ice Ages, or Droughts? 

    The above have been happening for billions of years, right?

    So maybe, some of the probable pretenders, are some of the Climate Change scientists themselves?

    Who by using a computer, to create a Climate Change algorithm, to create an artificial science, called Climate Change?

  • Was Jesus a communist?


    What are you basing your below rationalizations on?

    (Other then self thought up speculation, hypothesis, or what genre of Science did you use?

    Because I would like to be able to cross reference your Referenced Sources?)

    "I believe that if jesus christ were actually able to return to earth like so many mythologists believe, he would indeed preach for some form of communism.

    I'm not so much trying to say that karl marx had jesus christ in mind when he made his "manifesto."

    Mine is more of an argument that the ideals of communism (collectivism, altruism, charity, love for the sick and the poor) have been in place since the beginning of society, and christianity plays a HUGE irreplaceable role in not only the modern doctrine of communism, but also the traditional social meaning of the term "communism" before It became a political philosophy. "


    Who did you interview?

    What are the titles of the books that you utilized, to help individually formulate your three paragraphed statements? 

    Or do you maybe have some links to the videos on YouTube, that you used to help think up, your individual rationalizations? 
  • Should religion and the state be separate?


    Same argument to you:

    Explain to the internet, and to this forum, why the anti Religious crowd, hasn't gone after the Catholic School system in the United States?

    If you're going to keep pushing the messaging, about Equality, Neutrality, Disagreement, and Impartiality, like you're doing, why the hesitation to not utilize, the Separation of Church and State Law, to purge Religion, out of the Catholic School system?

    If we're going to talk about pure equality and fairness, then why hasn't ANY non Religious individual, on the internet for years now, failed to go about purging the Catholic School system, with the non Religious tool called the Separation of Church and State Law tool? 

    Or go after the plethora of Religious Colleges across the United States, with the same Separation of Church and State Law, and purge Religion, out of those Religious Colleges?

    You've been reiterating about Equality, when it appears to me, that there's a lot of Inequality going on, when there are Catholic Schools, and Religious Colleges, across the country, awaiting to be purged of Religion?  

    "Also, neutrality doesn’t treat religions unfairly, it treats them as equals to atheists. It’s neutrality; the state of not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartiality."
  • Should religion and the state be separate?


    Show the forum your example of the "Persecution," that you have evidence to?

    "I don't understand how you think neutrality is persecution?"

    "Neutrality means no one religious views are privileged."

    But again, the anti religious crowd, isn't treating the public school system in a neutral way is it @SkepticalOne?

    Here's an example of an Atheist privilege power play:

    The very use, of the Separation of Church and State Law, to have its pro anti religious crowd way, with the neutrality of the public school system, isn't it @SkepticalOne?

    "It's TRUE this means Christians can't co-opt government authority to push their views on other people's children, but this same restriction applies to every religious group."

    "What is unfair about that?"


    What's unfair about the creation of an Atheist Public School system?


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