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Neither side was good in WW1
in History

By FascismFascism 341 Pts
Many textbooks place the blame on the central powers for the start of WW1, and especially on Germany. They justify this by focusing on the war crimes committed by the central powers, but ignore the war crimes by the allied powers.

Also it was not the central powers who started the war, but the Serbian government. It is also not recognized that the Serbian government was responsible for the assassination, but the organization which assassinated the archduke of Austria-Hungary had strong connections to the Serbian government, due to the fact that the organization itself made it possible for the government to exist in the first place. 

After the war ended, harsh treaties were placed on the central powers which crippled their economies, and caused political instability. Many people predicted that this harsh treatment might cause war, including the allied leaders themselves, but the treatment continued, and like they predicted, ww2 erupted. 

Another misconception is based on the Zimmermann telegram. The Zimmermann telegram did not ask Mexico to declare war on the US along with the Central Powers, like most people think it did. All it said was that if the US declares war on the Central Powers, then Mexico should join the Central Powers. 

The allies blamed Germany for infringing on international trade rights, but don't blame themselves for severing the German line of communication to the rest of the world. 

Neither side was better than the other in WW1. 
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  • I would argue that you can't place most of the blaim on the central powers for both world war I and II. The Germans worn't originally planing to start the war of world war I. It just happened.
  • @Nope

    No, they very much planned it in reaction to the assassination. The argument is that the circumstances placed on them essentially pushed them into it and if they didn't go to war then they would have gone to war in a few years when they would be more vulnerable to Russian expansionism.

    Not sure if you typed ww II there by accident as hat was very much intentional and planned with no legitimate excuse.
  • The Germans and their allies were responsible or mostly responsible for millions of people being killed and injured during World War One and World War Two. 
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • Ampersand In world war II the allied forces left Germany in a position that place Germane in a position for war.
  • @Ampersand @Nope
    In WW2 the German government was at fault, but the German people weren't. 
  • @joecavalry
    Why? They didn't start the conflict. 
  • In world war II the Germans were left in a position where they had almost nothing and were in ruin. The Germans had nothing to loose. Many people new World War II was coming. The Allie power had left Germany in a position were it was going to happen. But we are getting of topic. World War I.
  • Neither force was 'good' but I do believe that the allied powers were better. The Central Powers reacted which caused the war. Most of the Allied Powers joined the war to protect countries they had connections and treaties with; most of these decisions were made with no prior knowledge that the war was going to that destructive. Remember how everyone believed that it would 'be over by Christmas'.
  • @TheDebatingKnight So you're saying that the central powers shouldn't have declared war on Serbia after it supported the assassination of one of their leaders? 
  • I concur with @TheDebatingKnight

    The allies were better, but I don't find either side particularly good.
  • We portray the losers as evil why does it seem like the morally superior side always wins because history is written by the victors
  • I would say that the allies were in the right before and during the war, but in the wrong after the war. Germany had to be stopped, its expansionist ambitions quelled - but imposing countless sanctions afterwards was not validated. It prevented Germany from being able to function well economically, leading to a government of populists that made the country into proto-Zimbabwe, and then to a very dangerous populist named Adolf who took the wailing nation, promised it prosperity and glory and nearly destroyed it again.

    On the other hand, how the Western countries treated Germany and Japan after defeating them in World War 2 is nothing short of astounding. Rebuilding them and investing in them heavily, instead of sanctioning them, made them into some of the most prosperous and stable countries, forever loyal to those who uplifted them. This is how every defeated nation should be treated, in my opinion. Afghanistan and Iraq could very well be on their way to becoming new economical giants right now, if the modern Western governments had better vision and planned to do more than just "Invade, defeat, bail out".
  • I barely know about WW1!  :joy: But for me, I kinda think the Allies were better. 
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    "It's not a gun control problem, it's a cultural control problem."
    Bob Barr
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