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Can white people be victims of racism? Or hate speech.
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No where in the definition of racist or racism does it state only poc or anyone who's not white can be victims of racism Or hate speech. And why not? I think it's more prevalent today that white people are being targeted for racially driven violence. But everyone says white can't be victims of racism. I haven't heard knew good argument however to suggest why that is. If you're being targeted or excluded based wholly on your skin color that is racist.
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  • Zombieguy1987Zombieguy1987 452 Pts
    edited September 2018
    In Battlefield 5
    if you type White Man
    It's censored
    Black Lives Matter will in some way, say "You have privilege because your white. Also, you're related to a slave owner"

    SJWs will say similar things, but at white men

    "You have privilege because you're white and a man"

    You can call a white person a cracker, no one bats an eye, but you call a black person the n word, you might as well kill yourself

    If you're white and support the conservatives, you support racism, sexism, deporting Mexicans, you hate blacks, LGBTQ etc. 

    If you're white and support Donald Trump you're Hitler

    If you disprove the wage gap, you're in denial about your privilege.

    Should I go on? 
  • No i think I get the jyst of what your saying. However ask anyone in mainstream sociatal circles. They will tell you no. White people cannot be victims of racism due to the fact that were the majority. It's kinda like the whole white privilege myth. White privilege doesn't exsist simply because people say it does. Just like whites being victims of racism does exist even if people say it does not. I've been called when white girl. white b word. I mean I have dated a man who was African American. And he really was racist to a point. Like if we were watching a comedian who made a joke about white ppl He would laugh his off now if it wss a joke from a white person telling a joke about a poc and I laughed he would get really mad. I've never excluded someone based off their color. I've never not liked someone based off their color. But I've been all those things. I'm told no matter what I'm racist cause I'm white. Ok my skin color is white but my culture is Irish. And before African slaves were here. It was Irish slaves. And they were treated much worse then African.ones. I think people like to cherry pick their history not expecting someone else to know it. Ok yes white people dominate America. Because America is prominently white. Only 20% or something is African American. I'm sorry if you think America is some minority hating county please get out. I'm Sorry I'm just sick of the whole white people destroyed the world. But when something bad happens. They say why aren't you helping us. Maybe this is why. No parent is going to cauddel their ungrateful children forever. Go Make your home country like it is here if they think they can do so much better. Their not forced into ghettos they convince themselves they can't do any better. Your fault not mine
  • ...But everyone says white can't be victims of racism...
    "Everybody"? Strange. I have never heard this from anyone, in any country, in any social circle.

    Any race can be a victim of racism, by the very definition of the word "racism". Anti-black racism tends to be more prevalent in white-dominated countries, for obvious reasons - but, for example, in black-dominated countries (most African countries), anti-white racism, in turn, is prevalent. 

    As long as the concept of "race" means anything beyond a pure scientific concept, there will always be racism.
  • @WakeUpNow321 white privilege is me walking off of a mechanics lot full of cars at 2am with a backpack and the cop trusting everything I tell him without asking for any proof and letting me go. That would not be the case if I was black. The existence of white privilege doesn't mean there can't be white racism, they just take different forms and I'm sorry any racism against white people is really just a micro aggression.
  • Wow ok I don't believe that for one second. I'm white my husband is white. And when I visited my sister over in eastern Washington in a all white town. I think I've seen one black person there. Idk why it's a farming town so not much diversity. Anyways the secondwe pulled into that town the cops already had ran our liscense plates and names. We were coming back though town to go out to dinner. The minute we hit main st the cops were behind us.they pulled us over as we parked at the restaurant. They Approach the car ask for. Our I.D's and then insist that he knew my husband and he  had seen him around a few times. We both assured the officer that was impossible my husband had never been anywhere near East of the Snoqualmie pass in his life. Ever. But the officer couldn't be convinced. He ends up arresting my husband because he wasent being truthful. They searched our car and he found a small eye glass repair kit. And kept asking me if it was for picking locks. Anyways my sister ends up walking up and starts talking to the cop and a few mins later my husband was released and we were on the way. The cop had a crush on my sister. So he let us go. That's not white privilege. That's selective targeting. So it doesn't just happen to minorities it Happens to anyone who isn't recognized in small towns or looks out of place black or white doesn't matter cops are using their emotions not their training.

  • WordsMatterWordsMatter 478 Pts
    edited September 2018
    @WakeUpNow321 confrontations with the police in small towns are different from the one in metro areas.  Some Small towns are notorious for pulling travelers over, they don't get a ton of income and making up a speeding ticket or something similarly minor that you know the person won't waste their time fighting is a great source of revenue. 

    If you're white and you feel like you're being oppressed, well, welcome to the club. Also I can't be racist I have a white friend. (See how ridiculous that is)

    You seemed to miss the point of my post. It's not being stopped vs not being stopped. It's the interaction during the stop. I was asked for no ID no proof of ownership of any vehicle, wasnt even asked which one was mine. A black kid doing that same thing would have to go through so much more to be allowed to leave. It's I was even stopped in the first place, but all it took was saying I dropped a car off, they wanted to know where I worked and live without me giving any proof, and they let me go. With a backpack and a drawstring bag with me I would have expected an attempt to search. White privilege is my friends smoking weed at a public park and when the cop finds then just had him dump out the weed he had, then he have my friend his grinder and bowl back and told him to leave! In the same jurisdiction where a huge legal deal was made out of two black pro football players smoking weed on their private property.
  • @WordsMatter
    the cop wouldn’t trust anyone wearing a hoodie with a backpack walking through a car lot at night. White, black, red, yellow, blue
    Not every quote you read on the internet is true- Abraham Lincoln
  • Also, not all cops are racist
    Not every quote you read on the internet is true- Abraham Lincoln
  • @AmericanFurryBoy this is the last time I'm going to post this because you've ignored it twice. The racism isn't who they decided to stop. It's the interaction once you are stopped
  • Ive not ignored that. I’m saying, that a) not all cops are racist meaning that b) those interactions would be the same no matter the race. Sir.
    Not every quote you read on the internet is true- Abraham Lincoln
  • I don't think anyone thinks white people can't be victims of racism or hate speech?? 
  • @AmericanFurryBoy so essentially you are putting your fingers in your ears and going "I can't hear you" you haven't engaged with anything I've said
  • Why not? Everyone could be a victim of racism including whites. Recently, a racism issue is in and people are referring the discrimination against blacks in the death of black thief. However, same day, I saw a CCTV footage of a house where black guys entered and did very wrong with white teenager girl and boy. All in all, I am not here in the favour of any ethnicity but things should be judged in a better way.
  • actually i've hears many arguments from the left and people of color that whites cannot be victims of racism or hate speech because we created it, i know we can be victims of it just like any other race i guess my ultimate question should have been why do p.o.c think whites cant be victims of it?
  • If it weren't for double standards, the left wouldn't have any standards at all.
  • @WordsMatter

    I think generally it has more to do with the general appearance of the person, than with the skin color. While there are definitely racist cops out there (among members of any profession there will be some racists), I do not think they form a very significant slice of the entire population. But often, when people are treated with prejudice, it is not about the skin color.

    Compare these two people:

    Now, I do not want to perpetuate any stereotypes, but my point is that the former is probably treated much better by the police officers, than the latter. And unfortunately, among modern Black Americans, the latter subculture is pretty widespread (for historical reasons mostly). There are such people among the Whites as well ("white trash"), and I doubt they are treated as well as other Whites are. Just look at any of the "Sovereign citizen" compilations on Youtube, where a lot of whites have (justly so) physical force applied to them for disobeying the police orders.

    "White privilege" is a pretty bad term in any case. It is not a "privilege" to not be mistreated for your skin color, it is the default state, it is how things should be. Rather than calling it "white privilege", it is better to call it "discrimination by race". "Privilege" assumes some kind of benefit compared to the default state in the society; for example, I don't know, getting free alcohol at various bars for having blue eyes.

  • @MayCaesar ;
    I hope you know more black people die by.... black people.

    If you ever saw the body camera recordings, most of the time the person was RUNNING or doing something , or was a wanted person with a WEAPON! like reaching in the glove box of their car. Police don't know if they're reaching for a weapon, so they sometimes overreact, but police work is unpredictable. One day, nothing really happens then the next day they respond to a mass shooting. So sometimes, they make mistakes. But saying they're targetting blacks, even if the person they shot in question was A, resisting arrest B. a danger to the cop, and those around and C. the person was a wanted person 
  • @Zombieguy1987 if only we had some law for fleeing arrest where the criminal could be punished in the court of law instead of getting gunned down in the back
  • What? Anyone could be a victim of racism or hate speech, not just Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. 
    “Communism is evil. Its driving forces are the deadly sins of envy and hatred.” ~Peter Drucker 

    "It's not a gun control problem, it's a cultural control problem."
    Bob Barr
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