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The best online Debate website -! The only Online Debate Website with Casual, Persuade Me, Formalish, and Formal Online Debate formats. We’re the Leading Online Debate website. Debate popular topics, Debate news, or Debate anything! Debate online for free!

Super Bowl New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons
in General

The big game is this sunday. Who is going to win?
  1. Live Poll

    Who is going to win the Super Bowl

    8 votes
    1. New England Patriots
    2. Atlanta Falcons

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  • Patriots are much better than the falcons.
  • The koopinbowl. Or infernobowl if you prefer his dark, grammatically-challenged alter-ego. If the falcons beat the pats he is gonna have a hard time stepping outside his door down there in Georgia.

    Although the pats have a defense, unlike the falcons, so I don't see the falcons pulling off the upset. Matty ice is not a big-game QB and Tom Brady is. I just don't see matty ice keeping up with Brady since he will have to play much better than Brady will to do it. The packers scored 21 points in the second half of that game, if their defense wasn't a dumpster fire then the falcons likely wouldn't have earned the trip. The Seahawks were burning up like a meteorite entering the playoffs too, and Ryan really didn't win any good games to get here. Interestingly though, neither did new England. This has to be the most untested Super bowl teams in history. Was there a single game either of these teams played this year where there was anything on the line and they had to face adversity?
  • Offense:

    Rank 2 Falcons vs Rank 4 Patriots

    -Falcons averaged 6 more points per game
    -Patriots did not have Brady for 4 games, and were shut out in one of them


    Rank 25 Falcons vs Rank 8 Patriots

    -New England also allowed the least points per game in the NFL
    -Atlanta allowed the 3rd most


    Offenses are similar, Falcons with an edge, however both teams have many targets. Whether it be Jones, Gabriel, Freeman, and Sanu for the Falcons, or Edelman, Hogan, Bennett, and Blount for the Patriots, both the teams have many weapons. If the Patriots defense stop the run and cover Julio like they did Brown against the Steelers, they have a good chance to win. If Brady does better against the 25th ranked defense than he did against 2 in the top 10, the Patriots will win as well. The Falcons defense will have to play like they did against the Packers, and possibly better, if they want to win.

  • The same could be said of the Steelers, too, though. Their injuries (and flu) unequivocally affected the outcome of the game (particularly Bell). But the dual threat offense Atlanta has (I think) is stronger than New England. Jones is the best receiver in the game, and Brady operates with mediocre receivers he made elite. Do you really think Hogan would get 200+ yds under another QB (except maybe Rodgers)? Edelman is the same way. He wouldn't be nearly as good under another system. I think Jones individual ability is going to be a big difference-maker in this game.

    I also think Atlanta's defense is better than what we think. Regardless of how badly the Packers were playing, they had Nelson back and were still shutout in the first half. Atlanta came up clutch in a lot of areas. The Packers run game is obviously far worse than New England, but Atlanta has the right tools to stop Blount. Also, as long as Atlanta's defense can keep up, I'm sure the offense will keep consistent production.

    Said by coaltrain on another website that's not as good as this one.
  • 60-40% for new england patriots. I will take those odds. I think they will win.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Looking forward to the big game tomorrow. Go Patriots!
  • That was an amazing win
  • The patriots. Also, check out my new Debate on the Best Debate Website ever, It's about the Patriots and if they deserved their win.
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