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Male privilege does NOT exist in American society, can you change my mind?
in Politics

By YeshuaRedeemedYeshuaRedeemed 444 Pts
I am a woman, but I agree with Mr. Crowder on this issue.

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 2050 Pts
    I have never understood the word "privilege" used in this context. "Privilege" assumes some inherent superiority of one group of people over another group of people; for example, a club VIP is privileged over a regular attendant in terms of their access to the club services. Is there such superiority in one of the genders in the US over the other gender?

    I suppose men are generally much stronger physically, and women are generally much more in tune with their emotions, but it does not have to be the case for a given pair of individuals. As far as societal treatment goes, the genders obviously are treated differently, but it is obviously not as binary as "men are treated better" or "women are treated better". It all depends on the context. Women are treated better when they have issues, as people tend to be much more compassionate towards them; men are treated better when it comes to high career achievement, as people tend to take them more seriously. Women can get away with larger mistakes without getting in trouble; men can get further career-wise by doing the same set of things.

    It seems to me that all the difference we have at this point are either biological, or societal consequences of biological differences. I cannot think of a single legal matter that blatantly favors one gender, aside from the reproductive rights that are not supposed to be equal for obvious reasons anyway.
  • John_C_87John_C_87 226 Pts

    It is a rebuttal defending an accusation of discrimination held against a self-evident truth that must be held in place by volunteer. “All men are created equal.” The idea is this can sound like discrimination by the holding of truth in silence this to protect the judicial process in general. The whole truth however can explain a basic principle. President of the United States of America.

    Instead of using a law to fabricate an outcome of justice by intellectual design a united state can be formed on a basic principle. There are formations of free religion in the public, the idea of a discrimination held by united state constitution is one of them. It is an openly shared public belief.

    Male Privilege can be set as self-evident truth. A female Privilege can be also set public with a self-evident truth. “All woman are created equal by their creator.” Presadera, a woman who by vote sits for the future of all woman before basic principle and legal precedent.

    The basic principle in honesty is not all privilege is introduced by force.

  • TKDBTKDB 293 Pts
    edited May 7
    I think that the word "Privilege," is a term used by some, when expressing the word, in how they choose to use it, in their own individual contexts?

    Such as a, caucasian individual, expressing the term, from they, somehow self benefitting, from white privilege?

    Or another individual from another culture, expressing the term white privilege, in a negative way, to express, a self driven one sided bias?

    This current decade is plush, with the ways that some come up with this or that phrasing of words, to push an opinion, or a cause, or a self contrived bias?

    I hear from time to time, from some, using certain word phrases, and the words are individually culture based, but then, if another individual, from a different culture, expresses a certain word phrase, then they, could be labeled as racist? 

    Couldn't that type of word play, be viewed as another type of "Word Privilege?" 

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