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Do we really need a change in our education system for getting a good job?
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By arpitastvarpitastv 12 Pts edited April 2017
Do we really need a change in our education system for getting a good job?
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    Do we really need a change in our education system for getting a good job?

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  • Our education system has many fundamential issues that need to be addressed.  Education currently focuses on many things kids can learn themselves and at the same time spams children with highly irrelevant broad knowledge. That is coupled with sky-rocketing college tuition costs.  How much of that is relevant for most jobs?
  • The answer really depends, but mostly yes, we need to change our education system.
    1) if you look for technology field, where there is a large job growth - we can have accelerated targeted programs that can produce technogists with appropriate training as young as 10 years old.  By the time they hit 16, they can have more experience than current college graduates.  Having an option for much more targeted education tracks earlier will make our country much more competitive
    2) we need to transorm our notion of "going to school".  It is much more effective to do online learning with tools available such as and udemy.  Why should kids spend all that time in classroom in group setting when they can get highly individualized training in a fraction of time, that will ensure their individual needs are met.
    3) what if a child is gifted like Steve Jobs was, and is a genious while doesn't care about school.  Our current society doesnt nurture that type of talent, trying to force uniform tests and laws of stats and averages.  For every kid like Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, and Steve Jobs - an enourmous impact on society is generated - we need to nurture that talent.
    4) what is a "good" job? That definition is changing. Is it an executive white collar job in Corporate America, is it a Doctor who is always on call, a lawyer who has to read thousands of pages of fine print a week? That job description is still an American Dream for many, but a nightmare for some.  In the economy of the future, the jobs will evolve, and some will become part of peroetual enterpreurship, and freelancer economy.  That is great for some and bad for others.
    5) Days of lifetime employment are gone.  A good job today is automated tomorrow.  As maturty curve for cognitive computing is not just targeting clerks, but very high end professionals. Everyone must invest in continous learning, and that needs to be embedded in our education system from early years.

    so yes, I would say that we need to make major upgrades to the education system
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Yes, there needs to be a change made.
  • Yes, a change is necessary.
  • Yes, a change need to be made and fast. Maybe Donald Teump and/or his cabinet will address this issue dusting his term/s.
  • I don't recall Trump making it part of his campaign, but I also think it will be good if he implements some changes there
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Yes, that would be a great implementation, something has to be done.
  • I think our Education system can have many upgrades.  While I agree with many insightful suggestions, i have the following reservations:
    1) not sure if we want to just make everyone go online for school, as it will limit social interaction. We already created a twitter/text society for kids..they need to talk in person
    2) kids should be kids, and pat of education system should be less overload..not more.  I am concerned about accelerating age at which we can provide kids professional training.  What's next 10 year olds presured to go to work?
    3) not sure if I would want Trump driving education reform.  He may have some ideas many people will not agree with.  I would need to see specifics.
  • I think that many suggestions in this debate are valid, and need to be carefully balanced.  Overall though, I agree that our education system need major rework.  I especially agree that eliminating broad irrelevant content from kids education that are never used on an actual job will be helpful.  Introducing new technology tools to make it more effective, balancing a more time-efficient in class experience with self-pace learning will be a hugh boost.
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