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What's the best luck you have ever had in your life?
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By love2debatelove2debate 182 Pts
This reddit.com link actually has really nice stories of people described as best luck in their life.  Unfortunately for Reddit, there is just too many comments to go through to make any meaning of whose comments are actually best. 


Which story do you think is the best? Or tell us about your own story for best luck..PG13 please.
Below are top 20 stories I picked.

1) Free ice cream -  Bought an ice cream, and won a free one, and I redeemed the free one, which contained another free one
2) Free upgrade to first class by long lost cousin - I was flying economy to London last summer, and I had the flight attendants tell me to head up to the front of the plane. Lo and behold, the pilot of my flight was my cousin who I hadn't seen, or spoken to in many years! He told me to grab my carry on, and that he would bump me up to first class for free. And holy **** was it fancy up there
3)  I found a $20 bill at the post office. Since I thought it was my lucky day, I bought a $10 scratch off lotto ticket and won $150.
4) won $20k car -  I won a $20,000 car with a $10 raffle ticket.
5) won 6k on $10 bet.  I won $6,000 from a $10 bet on the Melbourne cup, which happened to be 12 months to the day of being clean
6) Not crushed in a farm accident. Not getting crushed or drowned in a farm accident. I was 16 and working in the packing house on a blueberry farm. I went out to the fields with a guy to pick up the berries. The truck didn't have a cab just a windshield. I was sitting on a fuel tank where the passenger seat would normally be. There was a large ditch full of water on the right side of the road. The driver went off the road into the ditch. I went into the water and the truck rolled over and came down on top of me. Somehow, I wasn't pinned or crushed and was able to find my way out.
7) Delta stock bought instead of sold.  I was holding stock in Delta airlines (DAL) back in the late nineties. I was going to hold it for the long term but it skyrocketed and I made so much that I decided to sell my shares. But then it went up even more and I regretted it. Then I found out that when I tried to sell my shares I actually doubled my investment.Good day. I used up a lifetimes worth of luck in that one incident.
8) won raffle tickets and bingo jackpot.  At a fancy charity ball, I bought 5 raffle tickets for $100. I put each ticket in a different bucket for different items. I won the Chanel purse worth $1500. Then, I also won the David Yurman diamond bracelet and ring worth $2000.  Same year, I got ticketed and towed for parking in my usual spot at work because on Nov. 1st the parking rules change for snow (I didn't know that). Cost me all afternoon and $400. That night, my friends and I went to play bingo with the old biddies at the church. I hit the jack pot bingo which was worth exactly $400.
9) Mistery midterm grade.  I forgot I had a midterm and missed the exam. Somehow ended up with a B on said midterm
13) car accident by truck.  I got hit by a semi truck while driving 75mph down the highway. Rolled 6 or so times and landed right side up in the ditch with not so much as a scratch on my, my fiancee's, or my friend in the back seat's body.
10) 5th grade basketball over shoulder.  In 5th grade this kid Lee was trying to land a basketball in the net from over his shoulder. I have no talent for basketball, or sports, or being mobile, but I told him he was doing it wrong and took the ball from him. One attempt: SWOOSH. Then I walked right off the gym floor like I do that *** in my sleep.It's been downhill ever since then.
11) car gift from stranger when turned 16. When I turned 16 and got my drivers license, a person Mom used to visit in the nursing home gave me the almost-new car that had been sitting in his garage for a year as a "thank you" for all the good things Mom did for him.
12) found money.  Once I found $2 on the ground when I was at the airport as a kid. Maybe a few years after that, at the same airport I found a $20 note and only last year in November I found a $50 note at a petrol station. I waited for a long time to see if anybody would've come to claim it but nobody did. I've got my fingers crossed that a plane carrying millions in gold bullion loses it's cargo and it lands in my backyard.
13) Replaced broken MacBook for free. My trackpad on my MacBook broke. The Apple store called me a day later saying after they fixed it someone knocked my computer off the table and shattered the whole frame and it can't be fixed. I got a brand new Retina display MacBook for free! Whoa this blew up more than I thought!  they were able to transfer everything off my old computer to the new one. And the new computers didn't have a place for a dvd (my original one did) so they even gave me a brand new external DVD drive! 
14) Found lost necklace in my shoe. My mother gave me a very nice necklace. One morning I went to scratch my neck and I didn't feel it. I guess I didn't put the latch on properly and it fell off,got super bummed out because it was really nice. A few hours later I found in my shoe. It fell down my shirt, down my pants (with a belt), and into my left shoe, which had been tightly laced.
15) arrow survivor. When I was 12 I was walking through the woods and got hit in the face with an arrow by someone who wasn't paying any attention to where he was firing. While this may not be lucky in its self, it hit the hinge of my jaw bone. Half an inch in any direction would've been much more fatal, an inch up would have gone into my brain, and an inch down my throat.
16) Weekend with my favorite band. I got a job in the video game testing industry. I got placed on a specific project that happened to have a point of contact that knew my favorite band personally. When the client came to visit, this point of contact mentioned my favorite band and my boss mentioned that I loved them. I was then invited to fly out and hang out with my favorite band. I got a tour of their headquarters and got to spend a bunch of time with them for the weekend. The only thing I had to pay was my flight. It was easily the best weekend of my entire life and I'm now on a first-name basis and VIP list with that band.
17) Onion ring in my fries.  Every time I go to Burger King I get an onion ring in my fries. So I'm like the luckiest person alive if you ignore the fact that I'm eating at Burger King.
18) Found lost wallet, met my current wife.  I went to a random party 8 years ago, had a one night stand with a chick there and ended up having my wallet fall out of my pants and I didn't notice until the next day. That made me have to go back and pick it up and then I actually had a conversation with the girl I slept with and we really hit it off. It's 8 years later, we've been married for 2 years and have a 10 month old little boy. My wallet falling out of my pocket is the luckiest/best thing to ever happen to me!
19) Went to war, didn't die.
20)  lucky at game of DnD. I rolled 2 natural 20s in a row in an important combat during a game of DnD, unfortunately I ended up using all the party's luck and a character died the next session due to bad rng
  1. Live Poll

    which story is best example of best luck?

    6 votes
    1. 1) Free ice cream
    2. 2) Free upgrade to first class by long lost cousin
    3. 3) found a $20 bill at the post office
    4. 4) won $20k car
    5. 5) won $6k on $10 bet
    6. 6) Not crushed in a farm accident
    7. 7) Delta stock bought instead of sold.
    8. 8) won raffle tickets and bingo jackpot
    9. 9) Mistery midterm grade
    10. 10) 5th grade basketball over shoulder
    11. 11) car gift from stranger when turned 16
    12. 12) found money
    13. 13) Replaced broken MacBook for free
    14. 14) Found lost necklace in my shoe
    15. 15) arrow survivor
    16. 16) Weekend with my favorite band
    17. 17) Onion ring in my fries
    18. 18) Found lost wallet, met my current wife
    19. 19) Went to war, didn't die
    20. 20) lucky at game of DnD
    21. 21) Othef

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  • inc4tinc4t 184 Pts
    I think going to war ans not doing is my vote. Although story 18 was pretty good too.  All of these are great actually.
  • That is a really creative debate, thanks @love2debate for putting it together.  I cannot believe how much visibility these stories got on reddit.
    I think criteria should be based on 3 factors:
    1) Luck vs skill
    2) impact of the event on the overall life 
    3) probability of the event

    besides many of these being hillarious, I short listed the ones where person's life was drastically changed or saved.
    there were a few that were life and death, and one that had to do with meeting future wife.
    For the war, it wasnt clear how much that had to do with skill vs luck and overall war survival rate, I eliminated that choice.
    The 18 was funny and life-changing, but it wasnt clear if they were going to hook up anyway after a night before.
    it is a close call between 6 (farm accident) and 15 (arrow survivor).  I vote for 15, since that's the closest life and death call.
    15 - the arrow survivor is my vote.
  • agsragsr 859 Pts
    I like number 7 - buying winning stock by mistake instead of selling.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I vote for 9. What's the chance that professor grades wrong exam  that was completely missed.
    WhyTrump - a good question
  • ale5ale5 263 Pts
    19 - going to war and not dieing has my respect.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible
    - Walt Disney
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